Thursday, August 11, 2011

Chapter Twenty-Six

Leesburg, Virginia

Deb approached the large vehicle clutching Moira’s hand.  Tonka kept pace with his leash in his mouth.  Mr. Spiers’ discretion and connections had helped her find transportation that would enable her to carry Moira to safety without attracting too much attention.
Thank God Mr. Spiers was able to sell some of those gold coins.   
Gold had recently soared in price as bad economic news mounted.
The new keys jangled in her free hand.  She opened the door and patted her hip for Tonka.
“Hop up, Boy!”
Tonka leapt into the RV with ease, glanced around, lumbered to the sofa, climbed on, and made himself at home on it as if to call "Dibs!"
Still standing outside with Deb, Moira twisted her neck to gaze in awe at the enormous vehicle.
“Awe we gowing in dat?”
“Yes, Sweetie.  Here you go. Upsey-daisey!” Deb lifted the little girl into the vehicle. Only afterward did she notice the pull-out stairs. 
Oh well. Next time.
She took the big step after Moira and they explored the interior of the RV.  It was something Mr. Spiers called a gear hauler.  It had a cavernous space in the back that allowed people to drive their ATVs or snowmobiles right into it.  Yet it had bunks, a pretty spiffy bathroom and a conveniently laid-out kitchen. 
Wow, nice fridge!
Moira immediately spied the TV/DVD and asked if she could watch a movie.
"When we get home," Deb explained, "we'll pack your DVDs, bring them in here, and you can watch anything you want."
But where is home now?
Deb buckled Moira into the booster seat Mr. Spiers had supplied, and then gave Tonka a pat as he rolled onto his side.  He seemed content on the sofa.  She glanced out the still-open door and saw Mr. Spiers wheeling his way over.
“Stay right here, Sweetie.” She told Moira.
“Okay, Debwah.” 
I love it when she says my name like that.
“Miss Deborah, I wanted to give you some last-minute advice before you leave.”  Mr. Spiers said as he rolled up.
“I appreciate that, Mr. Spiers.”
“Be sure to use your mirrors; this is big.”
Deb paused. "Are you talking about the RV or what's out there waiting for us?”
“Both.” He said and patted her hand with his.

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