Monday, March 5, 2012

Chapter Sixty-eight

Hamilton, Bermuda
8:21 AM

”So, where was I?  Oh yes.  That is why Bermuda has so many reinsurance operations.” 
“Pinkey, that is fascinating but can we get to the point?”  Angus gave him the look.
“Quite.  I had thought, with what you are paying me, you would want the full …”
I could see Pinkey’s feelings were hurt by Angus' abrupt interruption.  But like Angus I wanted to get on with it and didn't need the full history of reinsurance in Bermuda.
So I chimed in.  “Pinkey, I really appreciate you seeing us on such short notice.  And I’d love to hear more about this some day but, well … I’m really anxious to find this guy, stop him from getting away with murder, and by the way kick his ass if you know what I mean.”
Pinkey looked at me, then to Angus who shrugged, then back to me.  “Ah, well, yes.  As it happens I stay well abreast of who is buying what from whom …” Angus interrupted “You mean you get inside information so you can front-run stock trades.”
Pinkey brushed an imaginary crumb from his shirt, paused an extra moment for effect, then continued with a cold glare thrown towards Angus.
“Before I was so rudely interrupted I was saying that I had heard about this Walters fellow, you are looking for, was selling his reinsurance firm to a German consortium two days ago …”
“WAS?” Angus and I both asked at the same time.
“Don’t get your knicker’s in a bind gentlemen.  The transaction was rescheduled.”
We both sat back.  Angus asked, “So when is it to take place, Pinkey”
“Let’s see. Ahh, yes.” He glanced at his Patek Philippe watch.  “In about eight minutes.”
Angus and I leaped up, nearly knocked over the table in our haste and were on our way out the door.  Pinkey chased us, shouting, “Wait! Wait! You’ll need the address, old boy!…”

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