Friday, March 9, 2012

Chapter Seventy-six

The End 
& a Beginning
Funter Bay, Alaska

I sat in the cramped cabin of the Super Cub Angus had rented for our final leg. 
I looked over Angus’ shoulder.  It’s simply amazing what he can do.  He flies with the grace of a prima ballerina.  We ducked through mist and mountains and glided down an alleyway of water through the Isles.
Dark Fir and pine lined the way.  I could smell them in a wet musky way mixed with the salt air. Snow lined the peaks and decorated the land.  Our reflection on the water below followed us in a soft fashion.
He spied our destination and pointed with one hand as he made his base leg.  We side-slipped down a pebble-strewn beach.  He flared the plane a few feet above the deck until he saw clear ground and then we bounced on the rock and then rumbled a few hundred feet.
He kicked the engine off with a fan of his massive hand and turned over his shoulder and shouted, “We’d be here Lad.”
I sat for a moment in the surreal quiet of the secluded bay.  A light glowed from a cabin at the end of the bay.  Dusk seemed perpetual.  A few stars shone on the horizon.
I opened the door and near fell out, my bandaged arm still pinned to my side.  Angus slipped from his seat and helped me down.  He patted my good shoulder and nodded his head for me to go down the beach.  I looked at him, his craggy face and lop sided grin.  Tears wet his face.
“Ye earned it Lad.  Aye, and more.”
I turned and walked towards the cabin where a door opened.  A large blur burst down the cobbles and slammed into me.
Stupid dog.
I got back up amongst play growls, slobber and Tonka’s prancing.  He nipped at my legs urging me forward.  Then he ran back to Angus and jumped into the large mans arms. 
That’s a sight.
I turned back to the cabin and saw Deb standing atop the low rise with Moira at her side.  Then Moira ran to me as I looked at Deb.  Deb stood with her hand over mouth and her shoulders shook a little, she attempted a smile but cried anyway.
Moira grabbed and clung to me.  Deb came and enclosed me in her arms and smiled through her tears.
I’m home.

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