Monday, February 20, 2012

Chapter Sixty-two

Lisbon, Portugal

I felt like an idiot. 
This is not an entirely new feeling for me.
I glanced at Angus’ massive frame and stifled a laugh.  We walked through the crowd wearing full riot gear with facemasks that blocked our identity.  Angus had read about the staged protest in Palace Square and rightly figured the best place to hide was in plain sight.  More than 100,000 people jammed the square by the River Tagus.  They were protesting calls for more austerity measures from the government.
I don’t blame them a bit.  The government and its crony kelptocrats raided their treasury for billions of debt and now want the ‘people’ to tighten their belts.  Feudalism 2.0.
As we reached the corner of the hotel, Angus beckoned me with his hand.  I leaned in to hear him through the protective gear.
“This will keep them busy!”  His voice sounded mischievous.
He turned toward the hotel and used some type of remote control.  He clicked it once and all the car alarms on the street began to wail.
He clicked it again and I heard the dim sound of gunfire. 
“Firecrackers!” He laughed.
We walked around the corner toward a vehicle Angus had stashed for our escape.
I think I like this guy.


  1. I think I like this story, no I know I like this story, just keep them coming.

  2. thanks tjbbpbgobill! ... as I am not really good at doing anything else I'll keep doing this :)