Thursday, February 16, 2012

Chapter Sixty

Lisbon, Portugal
6:23 AM

I started to argue.  But I stopped, bit my bottom lip and thought.
“You’re right.”
Angus just looked at me and smiled his wan smile. “Aye, I know.”
“You don’t have to be so happy about it!” I groused as I opened the window shade but left the shears in place. 
I looked out on the city of Lisbon in the new light.  We had stayed up most of the night hashing out our next move.
“I know she is your friend Jake but what lies on this hard drive could be …” He paused while he poured himself more tea.  “It could be beyond explosive.  I do not think we want to open this can of worms with a FBI can opener.”
“But Dolores is …”
“I am sure she is that and more.”  He turned back from the hutch and faced me. He sat his cup down on the table we’d used as a desk.  His face long, he sighed and resumed.  “It is not her that I don’t trust.  It is who she works for – your government.”
“Mine?  I’m not sure I want them anymore.”
Sudden noises erupted in the street.  I looked out our window to see four black vans with flashing lights parked at angles in front of the hotel across the street. A swarm of black uniforms and guns spilled onto the street and cordoned off the entrance.
Angus stood back from the window and watched with me.  I looked over at him.
“Is that why we didn’t stay in those suites last night?”
I stepped back from the window.
“Good idea.”

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