Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Chapter Seventy

Hamilton, Bermuda
8:55 AM

The Germans were punctual in arriving, meticulous in completing the paperwork, and abrupt in their departure.
All of which suited him fine -- because they left $2.17 billion behind. Billion. Capital B.
Walters breathed in the moment and reflected on how he beat the system:  All those years laboring in the pits of bureaucracy, the indignity of being better, but because he was black not having a chance – any chance.
Never again!  Now I matter.  I have money and with that money -- power.
Walters looked at the wire transfer instructions.  At his request the Germans had given him an encrypted password that would send his money into any account he directed with a click of a mouse.  He slipped the instructions into his calfskin case and basked in the radiance of his wealth.
He nodded his head to himself.  Never again.
Then the receptionist announced “Someone to see you, sir.” 

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