Thursday, October 20, 2011

Chapter Forty-Three

The Newstead Belmont Hills
Hamilton, Bermuda

Walters lay face down on the massage table with basalt rocks heating his core.  He had done this so many times over the past several years when he came "on vacation" and stayed at the three-bedroom suite that his reinsurance company owned.  The suites were purchased in 1/6th shares – so he bought all six; he didn't like to share.
After abandoning Jake to his fate on the ship, Walters had spent a comfortable night lulled by the soft rhythms of the harbor. He had arisen early, played golf on the private course,  then come back for the ultimate spa package he so enjoyed.  After the basalt he’d have a facial, then an Indian head massage followed by reflexology. 
God I love spending money -- on me.
His custom suit was laid out waiting for him.  After his treatments he’d soak in the steam, brace his skin with a tepid shower, then dress.  He had selected the chalk stripe, an Egyptian cotton shirt with 14k collar stays and a Zegna Quindici tie in a gold print. 
Pure power look.
He’d take the water taxi to Hamilton and close the deal that he had set up over so many of those "vacations."  Like many, his reinsurance company existed "in a drawer." A specialty firm handled all the paperwork and kept his stationary in a drawer, literally, and kept all the regulatory filings current.  A large German reinsurance firm was purchasing his "book" of assets.  In three days, after the right of rescission, he’d walk away with a large check.  Rather, a large wire. 
The wire would bounce around the globe many times before winding up split into multiple parts and accounts – the principal of which would keep him in the lifestyle he owed himself.  He felt the anonymous hands remove the stones from his back and began the long slow motion tug on his muscles. He sighed and indulged in thinking about where and how he would travel first.
Three days to two billion -- plus a few million in change.

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