Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Chapter Seventy-one

Hamilton, Bermuda
8:58 AM

“So, what will you do when we get there?” asked Angus.
Funny, I was wondering the same thing.
“Rip his craw out and crow over his corpse?”  Not much conviction there.
“Then what?”  He replied with a weather eye on me.
“I hadn't gotten that far in my thinking.”  I shrugged.
“And you’re not much help.” Lame, but it was all I had.
“Do you want my help?”  He was asking if I wanted to do this solo.
“I …” I paused.  What do I want?
“We are here, sir.” Roberts said as he slowed the car.
Angus nodded and looked directly at me and nodded.
“Ah hell.” Was all I came up with.
“Exactly.” He replied.

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