Truth is stranger than fiction.  So many of the characters in this book are real.  Others, sadly, live only in my twisted imagination and now on paper (or pixels).  I hope you enjoy trying to figure out which is which.

Down syndrome children, Neapolitan Mastiffs, never ending pain ... all too real.  VMI, Embezzled, and formerly an Advisor ... yes, yes and yes.  Marine - yes, I own the title.  But I wish I had stayed in the fleet, worn Blues and taken the road more traveled.

I wish the El Camino was mine ... but I know who owns it and if this damn book sells enough maybe I can convince him to sell it to me.

I am between Airstreams.  I loved my last one but I let a relative live in it and it got the crap beat out of it.  No good deed went unpunished.  I'll get another before next winter.

Thankfully, "Deb" is real.  A stronger woman I've never met.  18 years and she still lets me in the door.  Amazing.

Until next time - 'keep your dog pants on!'