Sunday, February 5, 2012

Chapter Fifty-seven

Funter Bay, AK

Deb woke to a loud thump  Her heart raced.  Then she heard the howl of wind. A deck chair must have blown over.  She sat up and tried to slow her breathing.
What was THAT? Just the normal noises of a strange house in a storm, or ...
Deb peeled off her covers and laid them onto Moira, whohad crawled into her bed an hour or so before and was snoring softly.
That was NOT the wind!  Something on the deck.  Deb grabbed her flashlight and pistol and shoved her feet into her shoes.  She snuck down the stairs, where shespied Tonka asleep in front of the woodstove. 
Some guard dog you are!
She crept into the kitchen and looked for the time on the microwave clock. 
It was off.
Bob had given her a list of the neighbor’s telephones and taped it to the fridge.  Deb picked up the phone to dial and stopped.  No dial tone!
Her heart began to race again.  She was about to go back upstairs when …
The kitchen door exploded inward.  A man stood silhouetted, aiming an intense light into her eyes.
“Don’t move, bitch or I’ll splatter your brains against the wall like I did your daddy’s!”
Him?  Oh my God, how did he find us? How could he?
Deb shivered with fear.
“Drop that weapon – NOW!” he yelled.
She knew if she let her pistol go she was dead.  She drew a deep ragged breath as she started to raise the firearm …
“Debwah, what’s happening?” Moira queried as she stood on the landing peering down at the scene.  Involuntarily both Deb and the shadowy man looked up. The little girl had her stuffed bear beneath her arm and was dressed in a too large flannel nightgown.
The man’s light swung to Moira. It pinned her.
“NO!” Deborah screamed as she aimed her gun.
A blur rushed past her. It hit the man and sent his flashlight spinning.
Two shots pierced the night.

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