Thursday, July 14, 2011

a brief note to readers

I will undergo some sort of heart cath-thingy Friday June 14 at 8 AM ... whatever they see that needs fixing they will (hopefully) fix.

Most people wake up from this, I plan on doing so.  Some do not.  If I do not, thank you for reading.  I have an amazing editor whom I trust with this story. She can show you all what happens in this story.

Chapters should continue being posted every Friday.  So, please, stay tuned.

Oh, so far the vote-winner for my tombstone epitaph is "I knew this would happen!"



  1. Hope all went well with your heart cath-thingy. :)

  2. ditto. Wish you the best. Definitely been enjoying the story.

  3. i am fairly private, but wanted to say thanks to all who wished well ... apparently i beat the 'widow maker' and now have the rehab to do

    with gratitude