Sunday, August 28, 2011


***  UPDATE 9/10 ***

I am back from doing an emergency 'extract' of my son.  Turns out the guide we entrusted him to was less than ethical.  On top of that, to extract him I endured hellish conditions & became hypothermic and only my training and my son's skill kept me from tilting over the edge.

My son and myself are well, home, and now I am reflecting on it all.

It is never easy.

Hello All:

I am heading to the wilds of Alaska for two weeks.  My son is an apprentice guide and we have not seen him for 3 months -- so off I go.

August was a very troubling month.  In short, an adoption blew up on us.  


  1. Just caught up with the news ... hope all is well with your family.

  2. Thanks Will

    my son is doiing his best to eat our fridge & drygoods in one sitting, has taken 3 x 2 day showers and seems very happy to be around his annoying sisters

    I, however, find that my recovery from things like this takes far longer ... I am not what I used to be (and often wonder if I ever was :) )